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Leather Products Manufacturing

Leather Products Manufacturing: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re looking for a well-trusted leather products manufacturing company, look no further. At Wholesale Leather USA, you can create any leather product you want. Belts, accessories, shoes, or bags, you name it! Start your unique leather collection with us and change the fashion world.

Who Are We?

Before starting the Wholesale Leather USA brand, we ourselves have made private label products for years. We know how it’s like to start from the bottom, so we’re here to help.

We have a great team who is here to guide you through your leather manufacturing project. Helping you to imagine, design, and develop your final product is one of our main tasks. We will then evaluate all details, ranging from materials, hardware, to embellishments, and more.

Whether you represent a brand name label or a retailer looking for a reliable, quality manufacturer, we can help you enter, establish your presence, or widen your assortment in the leather goods market with business and lifestyle leather items.

Get to Know Our Leather Production Skins

Every product made by us features fine and high-quality leathers and suedes. Made from cowhide and water buffalo leather, our products include:

  • Strips
  • Straps
  • Belt blanks
  • Leather shapes
  • Printed leather
  • Embossed leather
  • Upholstery leather
  • Scrap bags

If you wish to create your own leather products, now is the time to transform your idea into reality. Learn below how we produce, search and control leather production.

Separately, we will offer a cut-measure-trim service, if wanting to use your own suppliers.

What Recommends Us in the Leather Production?

At Wholesale Leather USA, we offer great services for all our clients. Here are some things that recommend us in producing leather items.

#1. Dedication to Leather Craft

With dedication and craftsmanship, we have focused on high-quality leather goods, and take pride on having every step – from design to the final production – covered under one company.

#2. Collaborated with Renowned Companies

We’ve worked with some of the world’s most recognizable brands as well as Fortune 500 companies to create lasting success. Over time, our company has worked to perfect the end-to-end supply chain that works with an unlimited range of products.

#3. Deals Great in Every Leather Production Stage

Wholesale Leather USA has every aspect covered including development, design, sourcing of raw materials, overall manufacturing, complete production management, freight-related logistics, and QA/QC.

#4. Maintain a Top Integration Process for Brans

What makes us different? We’re vertically integrated with factories in both the USA and internationally as well. Overall, it’s a commitment to creating strong partnerships that help us maintain the top integration process for brands.

The Process of Designing Custom Leather

When it comes to design, we utilize a full approach to it. For example, walking boots will need thicker and firmer leather than used at soft trainers. Also, each hide will be examined by our team before the production starts, to ensure great comfort and an incredible look.

Start the concept

From starting the concept to working with the client and until a real product is created, we use different strategies of manufacturing and marketing.

Our team of designers features leading industry experts in textile items and leather goods. Their core principles lie in understanding the aims of a brand.

Target the Audience

We want to know who is the target audience and what they’re searching for in a product. Another way of showing our determination is to meet and exceed what you’re expecting. We will work directly with our clients and control the entire supply chain.

Price Points & Lead Times

There’s no guessing with the Wholesale Leather USA design process; we take you through everything with ease. We actively involve you in the design phase and go over each important topic like materials, price points, lead times, and anything else you can imagine along the way.

Sourcing Custom Leather

Choosing a material is crucial to any manufacturing project. We ensure that every inch of material matches the level of quality. Staying safely within all laws and codes of ethics that a company adheres to is one of our policies.

Sourcing is integral to making a great product. We are here to ensure that the process goes smoothly. The Wholesale Leather USA team knows how an item is made, so our customers are happy.

After all, the team is here to help you maintain a sustainable supply chain, and address the best innovations.

How Does Custom Leather Manufacturing Work?

At Wholesale Leather USA, we think that execution is on the same level as a perfect design. We are determined to make manufacturing as easy as possible.

Work Both in the USA and Abroad

As a matter of fact, we own and operate plants in the United States as well as abroad. Anyone would be proud to use our modern and updated facilities for any project. Check our website for more details.

Every factory depends on a team of full-time professionals in product development, production management, and engineering. They ensure that everything, including all-important specs, is brought in on time and within budget guidelines.

Respect the Laws

We take ethical standards very seriously and have strict rules set in place against any type of human rights abuse; including child labor. This is in addition to our already stringent adherence to workplace safety.

Finishing Operations

Finishing operations may include: oiling, brushing, padding, impregnation, buffing, spraying, roller coating, curtain coating, polishing, plating, embossing, ironing, combing, and glazing.

Some other surface finishes can be added, for better protection or to create a specific fashion effect. These can be in the form of dyes, oils, waxes, or printed patterns.

The Leather Goods Manufacturer Process

The leather manufacturing process is divided into three sub-processes:

*Preparatory stages*

All true leathers will undergo these processes. A further sub-process, surface coating may be added into the sequence. The list of operations that leathers undergo vary with the type of leather.

Final Thoughts

The leather industry is one of the oldest manufacturing sectors, producing a brand range of products. Our manufacturers have immense experience in handling all the production, development, and marketing areas.

We will help both young designers and established companies to get their dream come true. A simple sketch will end up designing your bag collections, leather garments, or your small leather goods.

Get in touch with us and let yourself be amazed by our leather manufacturing services!